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#BookReview of Knife by Jo Nesbø

  27 Sep 2019 |    2 minutes  |   Paul Mitchell

Knife book cover

Title:  Knife
Author:  Jo Nesbø
Date Published:  11 Jul, 2019
Genre:  Crime
Publisher:  Penguin Audio
ISBN:  978-1472127457
Series:  Harry Hole #12
Rating:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐


A man like Harry had better watch his back…

Following the dramatic conclusion of number one bestseller THE THIRST, KNIFE sees Harry Hole waking up with a ferocious hangover, his hands and clothes covered in blood. Not only is Harry about to come face to face with an old, deadly foe, but with his darkest personal challenge yet.

The twelfth instalment in Jo Nesbø’s internationally bestselling crime fiction series.

My Review

Knife is the 12th Harry Hole novel in the series, and it’s another cracker from Jo Nesbø. This time Harry must investigate a murder close to home. Meanwhile, one of Harry’s old adversaries has been released from prison, is he planning a surprise for Harry?

After completing the last Harry Hole Novel The Thirst, I was eagerly awaiting this one from Jo Nesbø and wasn’t disappointed. As with other Harry Hole novels, the story has plenty of plot twists and sub-plots which will keep you guessing who the murderer is right up to the end. It has a gritty atmosphere and a brisk pace. Harry’s relentless pursuit of the murderer sees him taking chances, leading him into a few dangerous situations.

Many of the characters from previous books are also here including Oleg, forensics officer Bjørn Holm and Poice Chief Katrine Bratt. Holm and Bratt we hear now have a baby son. Harry is also reacquainted with Svein Finne, a serial rapist who he had put into prison many years ago.

So, do you need to have read the other novels in the series to enjoy this one? Well, the good news is that Knife can be read as a stand-alone novel. I would, however, recommend reading some of the other stories in this series as you will understand the relationships between Harry and the other characters.

Highly Recommended…


Sean Barratt read this audiobook as he did with The Thirst. Although I’ve seen other reviews criticising the narration, I believe Sean’s voice adds to the grittiness of the story and improves the atmosphere. Knife is well worth a listen…

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